Electricman 2 is an irresistible battling diversion for youngsters where your definitive objective is to wind up the Undisputed Stickman Fighting Champion. This quick and enraged diversion will have you snared from the absolute first session. Clients fight through the Tournament of Voltagen against a large group of foes before at last facing the present Champion – who has still never been beaten. Do you have the stuff to topple the Champ?

Guide your Play electric man 2 unblocked online through each round utilizing any number of hand to hand fighting, road battling and superhuman forces to clear out your adversaries. This isn’t your normal battling amusement – your own one of a kind redid Stickman is fit for stunning battling capacities including moderate movement, slug time uncommon moves. Prepared to ‘stun’ your rivals and take the best prize, Stick Fighter? Good fortunes.

Step by step instructions to Play: First, you need to make your custom Stickman to enter the Tournament. You should pick a name, give your Stickman a shading and pick a dimension of trouble. Presently it’s a great opportunity to get moving! Pick which rival you need to battle first – and prepare. Here’s the means by which to control your Stickman with your PC console:

Left Arrow (Run Left); Right Arrow (Run Right); Down Arrow (Dodge); A (Punch moves); S (Kick moves);

D (Grab/Throw moves); Q (Slow-movement punch moves); W (Slow-movement kick moves); E (Slow-movement snatch/toss moves)

Watch out for your life and battery meters in the upper left corner of the amusement screen. The existence meter will go down as you get hit. The battery meter is extraordinary. The moderate movement moves are excessively cool and powerful – yet they will cost you battery focuses. On the off chance that your battery runs out, you won’t almost certainly use them, yet don’t stress, your battery revives itself. After each battle, you get a Save Code. Keep this code to utilize in the event that you need to come back to the Tournament later – and still have all your advancement. Prepared to go? We should kick it off! Demonstrate to us what you have!

On the off chance that this Flash-put together amusement never again works with respect to IE11 on your PC/MAC, have a go at playing on Chrome or Firefox program.