Play with Mosaic Tiles for a Wow Bathroom

Shiny, glittery, bling; you name it and a wow bathroom is ready that will make you open your mouth wide. Mosaic tiles can do all this for your bathroom. Mosaic refers to a picture or design that is made up of small tiles, usually 2 inches or smaller in size.

These tiles are made of various materials including glass, ceramic and porcelain. Assembling these small sized tiles can create patterns and designs which are very unique and attractive. Mosaic tiles today are very prominent in creating elaborate patterns for backsplashes and entryways.bathroom renovation

Choose your shade

Like it simple or glittering, mosaic tiles have a solution for all your needs. If you choose to stay simply white then pick patterns of white and grey shining mosaic tiles which will give your bathroom a classic look; simplicity with style. If you like to be colorful then there is no better option than mosaic. Pick up gold or silver and dazzle your bathroom with the shades and colors of your choice.

Matching accessories

Team up your mosaic patterns with matching bath tub and basins in your wash area to create an elegant look. Get mosaics of shapes and designs that match with your accessories in the bath room accordingly, whether you want mirror finish or simple shining tiles.

Pop up shelves

Mosaic can give a dramatic look to your shelves in the bathroom. It won’t be the same old shelf you used to keep your towels and toiletries; it would be new. Get the backs of your cubby holes lined with sweet mosaics and you’ll love looking at them again and again. To compliment the pattern get matching towels and other accessories.

Dazzle your bath time

Get a dazzling bath tub lined with mosaic tiles of your choice and color; bling your bath time with matched fittings, like shower heads and taps.

Splash up the floor

Get mirror finish on your ceiling to get your floor design on the roof. This will add a new dimension on how your bathroom looks. The bathroom looks much bigger with big space. Interior decoration of the bathroom with mirror finish naturally lightens up the bathroom.

Showcase your mirrors

Mosaic tiles of different shapes that fit right with your differently shaped mirrors can also add to the newness of the design. Wash area with mosaic mirrors; wow! The basins with shaped mosaic tiles can beautifully set on the wall like a crafted jewel. Gently gleaming mosaics playing between color and light can be sophisticated.

Use mosaics on your shower

Mosaic in showers are a great area to showcase your interior designing skills. Depending on your budget you can think of creating an accent wall or tile all walls. A feature shower wall with tiles can take the splash for years without any sign of damage unlike the regular walls.

Cost effectiveness

When it comes to renovate your bathroom, you should consider mosaics as they keep the cost of renovation low and also are long lasting or say future proof. Just besides adding a whole lot of new decorative feature; these tiles are easy to clean and don’t wear out easily. Bathroom fittings and designing must be able to handle the splashes for years to come and this is what mosaics are best at. Now you are inspired for mosaics, aren’t you?